Watch Garchomp and Giratina in Pokémon the Series on Pokémon TV

Thanks to the amazing TAG TEAM
Pokémon-GX in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, we’ve seen how strong
Pokémon can be when they work together. In the latest Pokémon TCG expansion, Sun
& Moon—Unified Minds
, we see the raw
power of the mighty Garchomp and its TAG TEAM partner, the Legendary Pokémon
Giratina. These two can cause a lot of damage when they work together!

To commemorate the Dragon-type duo’s
newfound bond, Pokémon TV is hosting a special channel with episodes
featuring Garchomp and Giratina for the next two weeks. Tune in to catch them
in action!

Remember that you can watch Pokémon
TV here on or using the Pokémon TV mobile app.

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