Trade-Induced Evolution and Region-Exclusive Pokémon Originally Discovered in Unova Come to Pokémon GO


Evolution has long been a part of the core Pokémon games, and now it’s coming
to Pokémon GO! The system will work a little differently in Pokémon GO: when
you trade certain Pokémon, the Candy requirement for their Evolution will be removed.
Plus, Throh, Sawk, Basculin, Maractus, and Sigilyph will start appearing only in
certain parts of the world.

of the Pokémon that will benefit from trade Evolution include Kadabra, Machoke,
Graveler, and Haunter—Pokémon that could evolve only via trading in Pokémon
RPGs since the debut of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Don’t worry
if you’ve already traded for one of these Pokémon—these Pokémon will
retroactively qualify for the trade Evolution benefit when they evolve. In
addition, other Pokémon that evolve via trade in Pokémon RPGs—such as Boldore, Gurdurr,
Karrablast, and Shelmet—are starting to appear in Pokémon GO, and they’ll also be
able to benefit from trade Evolution.

addition to the Pokémon just mentioned, quite a few more Pokémon originally
discovered in the Unova region will begin appearing in the world. Keep an eye
out for Roggenrola, Tympole, Dwebble, Trubbish, Joltik, and more in the wild.
Plus, you might find Timburr, Venipede, Tirtouga, Archen, Axew, and others when
you hatch Eggs. Timburr will also begin to show up in one-star raids.

on your location, a few more Pokémon will begin appearing in the wild, too. In
North America, South America, and Africa, Throh will begin appearing in the
wild (and in 10 km Eggs). Trainers in Europe, Asia, and Australia will
encounter Sawk in the wild (and can find it in 10 km Eggs). Additionally, if
you’re in the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean,
or South America, you may discover Maractus. And in Egypt or Greece, look for
Sigilyph to start appearing. Lastly, Red-Striped Form Basculin will begin
appearing in the eastern hemisphere, while Blue-Striped Form Basculin will begin
appearing in the western hemisphere.

Start those trade Evolutions to get your hands
on powerful Pokémon, and be on the lookout for more Pokémon originally
discovered in the Unova region appearing near you.


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