The Road to Duo-Latios – Adventures of a Pokemon GO Master


When the legendary Pokemon Latios was released in T5 eggs at the beginning of April, it became apparent that it was a rather “weak” legendary as far as raids are concerned. It has good attack stats, but lacking in defense in order to consider it a worthy opponent. Rumor was that with a powerful team of Dragonite/Rayquaza, and windy weather (+20% damage boost), two trainers could pull off the “duo-Latios”.

Disclaimer: the road ahead is long and arduous; I understand 100% if you would like to “skip-to-the-end”. Below is the link to the video!

Click here to watch our Duo-Latios attempt (video-editing done by: Sopheak37; my teammate in this endeavour)


The first step was obviously preparing my team. I had plenty of Dragonites at my disposal, but I never had bothered to actually power them all up to the max. Most of the ones I had were powered up to the CP3200 range, but anything higher was overkill for gym bashing/defending, so they really didn’t get too much love. Also, I figured I would need at least one Rayquaza maxed out…so I decided to spend a ton of rare candy to power one up. After choosing my candidates, my team was looking pretty good (but my stardust/rare candies were not). I had one maxed Rayquaza which I brought up from level 25 (weather boosted), and five solid Dragonites!


The second step was finding someone who would be willing to accompany me on this journey. It would require significant investment on their part as well, with the understanding that neither of us would rest until our goal was met! I knew of a handful of powerful trainers, but one stood out in particular. With his just under 1,000 Dratini catches, I asked Sopheak37 if he wanted to give it a shot. He accepted, and started powering up his team as well. Unsurprisingly, his Dragonites were far better IVs than mine, but all of them maxed and the required movesets! He also had a single Rayquaza up to the damage breakpoint for Dragon Tail.


The third step would be finding a Latios raid in windy weather…with the right moveset. After plugging our teams into Pokebattler, a website that simulates battles in Pokemon GO it was determined that our teams would have the possibility of defeating Latios with the moveset of either Dragon Breath / Solar Beam or Zen Headbutt / Solar Beam. After waiting a while for windy weather to appear, we finally got a break and the weather was windy!

Luckily, the first Latios we saw happened to be one of the right movesets! It was Dragon Breath / Solar Beam. We promptly went into the lobby and faced our opponent. Well…we lost…and after 36minutes of attempt after attempt, Latios continued to live with a small amount of health; the weather changed from windy to foggy and effectively ended our tries. It was apparent luck was not on our side…out of all of the attempts, this one was the closest on this first pass.


The fourth step is the fight itself! Even if you have a good enough team, the battle has to play out in a certain way. If the boss decides to Solar Beam too much, it kills your attackers too quickly and you won’t deal enough damage. Other factors that could affect the battle include: needing the boss fight starting quickly with enough time left on the clock (297-296 seconds at battle start), time spent Max-Reviving your team, weird PoGO battle-glitches, and the time the battle decides to end (hopefully around 1-2 seconds, but usually ending at 4-7 seconds for us).

Click here to watch us get completely robbed by the timer!


The fifth and final step is to keep at it. With the odds stacked against you, persistence is imperative. You cannot allow the timer, glitches, or any other factors cause you to lose hope. After doing some non-boosted Latios raids, I gathered enough rare candy to max out my second Rayquaza! Sopheak had managed to gather enough rare candy to get his second Rayquaza to the Dragon Tail breakpoint as well, so we were confident about our odds when windy weather would bless our dragons…

Click here to watch our successful Duo-Latios attempt!

My final team makeup


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