Pinsir Solo-Raid Challenge – Adventures of a Pokemon GO Master


I was inspired by a fellow pogoraider who had posted a T3-challenge based on results from Pokebattler: Golem vs. Pinsir (click here to read the challenge…)

Essentially, with 179-185 time-to-win (depending on the moveset), it would be comparable to doing solo-Ninetales…with my team of Golems that I had powered up previously for such an occasion, I decided it would be a challenge worth pursuing.

Click here to watch the video!

As with anything, sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination. I had been searching for Pinsir raids in order to attempt the challenge, driving around to known gym locations checking for Tier 3 eggs. I only found two; both of which hatched at 9:17am. One was a Gengar, and the other was Pinsir. The weather system in game was offline until 9am that day, but when it came back online it had chosen to be Partly Cloudy.

Partly Cloudy weather meant that I couldn’t attempt the challenge. However, there was always a slim chance the weather could change at 10am! Remember, this Pinsir hatched around 9:17am. Raids last approximately 45min after hatching, meaning it would last until after the top of the hour, when weather changes again…I would be able to get one attempt in if I was lucky! I started recording my screen at 9:59am on the off-chance I could get both the weather change AND a successful kill all in one video!

Sure enough, at 10am the weather changed from Partly Cloudy to Windy! I entered the raid lobby to take my one shot. At this point, things were going so well already I felt it could only be a sign of good things to come…

For some reason, I decided that I should put my best Golem third in line. After all, he had the maximum amount of attack, defense, and health possible. Every other attempt I always placed him first. My team fought bravely; the first two even getting off four charge moves a piece! After a nail-biting performance, my best Golem sealed the challenge with hardly any health left!


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