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T3: Ninetales Solo-Raid Postponed…

I am sorry to report that my T3: Ninetales solo raids have been postponed until a later time. I will not continue to attempt any more until I can build back up my resources. It got to a point where I was actually buying max potions and max revives in order to continue attempts! With the new raid rewards implemented, it should be easy to build back up my reserves again.

I have had numerous close attempts, including the attempt dubbed the “World’s Closest Miss” by Pokebattler (the site putting on the contest).

A more recent attempt I had, was very close as well…I needed just one or two extra Rock Throws from my Golem to kill it. The timer ended early, of course. A usual occurrence in all of my tries.


Another notable attempt (that I have no video proof for, so you’ll have to take my word for it) is coming really close on a Feint Attack / Solar Beam Ninetales. All I know, is I was on the final stretch (last 15 seconds or so) after flawlessly dodging every single Solar Beam when I received a phone call. My screen recording got cancelled and it did not save anything to my phone’s hard drive. Keep in mind i’m not saying I would’ve done it, merely that I never even got the chance to run the timer all the way down. I can rest easy knowing that based on all previous attempts it would’ve just timed me out early anyways.


As grim as it all seems, someday I may achieve this goal. It used to be a rush to be the first, but now I can relax knowing that the pressure is off…plus, I still have my title of “World’s Closest Miss”. Nobody can ever take that away! Hahaha





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