Fan Predicts Latest Pokémon Back In 2014

Polteageist was predicted back in 2014

The Pokémon roster currently stands at over 800 Pokémon, some are very complex and intricate when some are… Well… You know.

Fans have always created their own depictions of Pokémon and often created their own, but none are as lucky as this fan who was unfortunately posting as anon (seen below)

The green text was captured by Twitter user @stelledair and reads

“I have a fakemon idea. Ok check it. A haunted teacup that turns into a haunted teapot. Their names will be Entitea and Polteageist. Sound good, right guys?”

It would be interesting to know if the Pokémon company have been in contact with the anon creator of the fakemon, as it is unlikely to just be a coincidence that Polteageist was just announced, so maybe we will see Entitea as an evolution of Polteageist? That remains to be seen.

For more information on Polteageist see our last post here –

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