August 7 Sword/Shield News Drops


As promised, the fine folks at TPCi dropped a new trailer full of news, and here’s the main take-aways.

The video trailer itself, for obvious reasons.

First off, the region forme gimmick is alive and kicking, with three Galarian forms revealed – and not just for genwun critters this time!


First up is the Poison/Fairy type Galarian Weezing, a creature that feeds on poison gas and emits purified air from the top-hat-smokestacks on its head – while still being able to use the toxins it absorbs as a defensive weapon. It maintains Levitate as an ability, though apparently it gets an alternate ability that has not been revealed yet. It has also not been revealed if only Weezing gets a hilarious new form or if Koffing does too.


Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone, meanwhile, acquired a Dark type (becoming Dark/Normal) and an unholy desire to be Gene Simmons. Their abilities are Pickup and Gluttony, and believe it or not, their sudden obsession with KISS isn’t the most surprising thing about them…


Because Galarian Linoone, unlike regular Linoone, have sprouted a brand snapping whole new evolution. Meet Obstagoon, the Blocking Pokémon. Despite its, er, fearsome appearance, this fuzzy disaster area (and I mean that in the best way possible, honestly) rarely ever makes the first move. Rather, it actively badgers its opponents into attacking first and obstructs their moves while counterattacking with its claws. The jury is still out on the questions of whether they’re fond of mushrooms, are found in the general areas of snakes, or they put a contract out on DEFRA.

But unholy mutations of existing species aren’t all that’s new on the Pokemon front in this trailer. For after all, what’s a Pokémon region without a completely redundant Pikachu clone with a daft gimmick?


Morpeko, the “Two-Sided Pokémon” is just that. A cylindrical, Electric/Dark hamster-beast whose Hunger Switch ability permits it to shift between its Full Belly Mode (left) and Hangry Mode (right) every turn – which flips its signature attack, Aura Wheel, from Electric to Dark type and vice versa. Honestly, I expected more from the series’ first Electric/Dark type but eh, I’m sure there’s a market for this sort of thing. (And the Summon Hamster Wheel attack is kind of hilarious, to be honest).

But it’s not just new Pokémon in this update – a few new humans were also introduced. The first are two more rivals, both said to be pursuing the title of champion to attain a certain goal that this burst of news obviously keeps to itself.


This smug, ominous-looking customer is named Bede (because Hop wasn’t ludicrous enough a name), he was supposedly sponsored for the league by Chairman Rose himself – and aside from having a design that screams “bait and switch villain” he has a Duosion, and it’s very nice to see Game Freak remembering the Reuniclus line exists from time to time.


And this is Enoby D’arkness Dementia Raven Way, Goff Extraordinaire Marnie, whose signature Pokémon is the aforementioned gimmicky Pikaclone. Supposedly her ‘sense of style and calm calculated battle strategies’ have earned her many fans. Unfortunately for the rest of us, her “fans” all look like this.


Team Yell, a gang of Foobaw Hooligans (keeping in theme with the Gym Challenge of Galar being Essentially FIFA) who would make even Team Skull cringe and mutter something about having some standards, yo. They are often seen with Galarian Zigzagoon and are bound to be seven kinds of obnoxious in an attempt to disrupt anyone that might stand in the way of their personal idol’s victories – and they almost seem to show up out of no where when she’s around.

Finally, not announced in the video trailer but announced on the official Sword/Shield website, is the introduction of the Poké Jobs system – which allows you to send your boxed Pokémon to the gulag assignments made available via Pokémon Centers. Certain ‘mon are better suited for certain types of unpaid internships jobs – but all of them will supposedly grow from the experience – and using the system often may lead to some rare items as prizes. So basically kinda like Pelago but with 50% more capitalism.

And that’s all she wrote for now. What complete nonsense will they think of next? stay tuned for whenever we get more news!



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