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Today’s post is ALL about shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Most of the questions people have are answered. This post is primarily to organize information all in one place for a quick reference. As new information becomes available (or if old information changes…) I WILL keep this post updated!


Q1: What is a shiny Pokemon?

A1: A shiny Pokemon is simply a different-colored Pokemon. Some are easy to tell (Magikarp) while others are harder to tell the difference (Pikachu)

(left-to-right) Pikachu / shiny-Pikachu and Magikarp / shiny-Magikarp


Q2: Does having a shiny Pokemon give you any in-game advantage?

A2: No, a shiny is strictly a different color of the same Pokemon. They are not always higher in IV’s, nor do they get different movesets. However, you do get some bragging rights if you have one due to their rarity!  😉


Q3: Which Pokemon can be shiny?

A3:  Click HERE to see the available shinies in Pokemon GO…


“The screenshot above are all of the shiny variants I own as of 11/14/2017 (normal on the left, shiny on the right)”


Q4: Where can I catch a shiny Pokemon?

A4: Every first-stage evolution Pokemon you tap on can be shiny (see question 3 above); as well as any hatch-able Pokemon that have shiny variants. This INCLUDES nesting Pokemon! **Update: Raids and Field-Research Quests can also yield shiny Pokemon.**


Q5: Can I tell if a Pokemon will be shiny BEFORE I tap on it?

A5: No, you MUST tap on the Pokemon to check if it is shiny or not. The only time you are able to tell is after you tap, but before you throw a poke-ball.

(see video link here of me catching my shiny Duskull)

Another way to tell is to look for the “explosion” of shiny-ness when the Pokemon is first shown to you. Keep an eye out for it when you watch my video…below is a still-frame shot!


Q6: What is the chance that a Pokemon I tap on is shiny?   **Updated info as of 6/17/2018**

A6: The Silph Road has done an in-depth analysis of shiny rates, and released their findings in a three-part article (see below for links):

[Part 1] The Shiny Hunt: Honing in on Wild Shiny Encounter Rates

[Part II] The Shiny Hunt: Raid Bosses and Community Day

[Part III] The Shiny Hunt: Egg Hatches and Field Research Rewards


Q7: How do I know if I’ve ever transferred a shiny Pokemon?

A7: It is extremely difficult to transfer a shiny. You CANNOT select them in mass-transfers, and if you do try to transfer one, it will give you an extra pop-up window that says, “Are you sure you want to transfer a shiny Pokemon?” as a final-warning. Nevertheless, if you want to check to be sure, you can always look at your Pokedex for the Pokemon in question…extra male/female “shiny” buttons appear in the Pokedex AFTER you catch a shiny of that Pokemon…

(left) Pokedex screenshot BEFORE catching shiny Shuppet   /   (right) Pokedex screenshot AFTER catching shiny Shuppet


Q8: Do shiny Pokemon show up in the journal as shiny?

A8: If the Pokemon is caught, it will show up in the journal as a shiny. However, if the Pokemon flees, it will NOT show up in the journal as shiny. If you are using a Go+ or Gotcha, the same is true.



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